Beyond Ride-Sharing

Sign Up as a USER Register to be a DRIVER
Sign Up as a USER Register to be a DRIVER
  1. a personal driver in charge of enhancing your riding experience
  2. mobile concierge
"Both my personal and professional life have felt incredibly streamlined since I started using a carcierge."

  1. the act of using an enhanced ride-share service exceeding expectations and incorporating additional needs and perks at no additional charge at a flat hourly rate.
"We should carcierge, because I don't want to worry about a thing tonight."
Ride on Your Time—In Your Way
Choose Your Own Driver
Select the best time, rate, and driver for you.

Search and scroll through your match results, then choose the driver, vehicle, and rate that fit your needs and personal style the best.
Best Vetted Ride—Share Service
Relax knowing your carcierge has been through a more thorough and accurate background check than the standard set by other companies in the ride-share industry.
Drivers —
Set Your Own Rate & Keep It All!
Corbata Drivers are able to stay competitive by setting their own rate to fit their individual market. Another great benefit to the driver that helps them do this is that they get to keep 100% of the fare that they set! The user is simply charged a small booking fee to support operating costs.
Word on the Street
"Wow! I never even realized how seamless and stress-free an experience out could be. I can leave everything in the vehicle and get access to whatever I need whenever I want it. Plus, we all get to get dropped off right out front of wherever we go, skip the lines into certain clubs (VIP Status), plus have any less mobile friends get picked up and dropped off for me while I stay in one location for a bit. Unbelievably worth it every time I want to go out."
"I simply LOVE this new take on ride-share. I wish this existed a long time ago. I would have been using it for YEARS already! :)"